Private Placement Programs (PPP)/ Small Capital Programs

Private Placement Programs (PPP)

The minimum investment for a Private Placement Program (PPP) is US$ 100 million and trade profits depend upon the level of funds invested.

Historically, minimum client returns are 70% per monthfor a 40 week trade program depending upon availability and market conditions. For investments over US$ 100 million, the client may be offered a bullet program in conjunction with a 40 week trade where payment of profits may be accelerated and made within 3 – 30 days.

If  client funds are on held on deposit in a top 50 world bank then they can usually be blocked bank to bank by an MT-799/ MT-760 funds reservation. Otherwise, the trader will require the funds to be transferred into a non-depletion account which will be controlled by the client.

The client will need to submit a detailed KYC (available on request) and supply a Proof of Funds in the form of a Bank Confirmation Letter or recent bank statement/ tear sheet.

24KGROUP Limited will be paid a fee of 2.5% – 5.0% of the gross trade payout. This is paid directly by the trade platform.

Small Capital Programs

The company is able to arrange various Small Capital Programs for investments of between $350k – $500k. These investments are paid directly to the program managers via a law firm. 24KGROUP Limited is paid an introducer’s fee of 5% of the gross monthly payouts.