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Leasing a Bank Guarantees (BG) or Standby Letter of Credit (SBLC) can help your business to enhance its credit and raise project finance.

24kGROUP Limited is a U.K. based company headed up by a team of finance professionals who have over 30 years experience in banking and trade finance.

Our mission is simple …  we arrange for your business to lease a BG or SBLC issued by a top 25 world bank in order to secure finance for your project. This is achieved by our company working directly with a provider who can deliver results.

If you already have a credit facility approved for your project then we will arrange for the required bank instrument to be delivered by SWIFT MT-760 to the beneficiary account of the receiving/ funding bank. If you do not have funding in place then we can arrange a non-recourse loan and monetize a Bank Guarantee or Standby Letter of Credit for you. Sounds simple? It is, but the process only works if the client collaborates and works closely with us through the entire transaction process.

For high net worth clients who have cash funds on deposit with a top 50 world bank, we are also able to arrange entry to a Private Placement Program (PPP) which will generate funds for qualifying international projects.